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One suggestion

Everything flows, but I don't know if I'm feeling the sidechain continuation at 1:22. It's essential in the rest of the mix to keep clarity but in that particular section with the filtered kick, I feel is the wrong effect as a whole. I like it on your crash sample though...play with it a little. Just a friendly suggestion. Love your work :)


I like the song...a few things to say:

Your bottom end the whole first 1:30 of the song was way too loud. I appreciate the booming kick but your bass synth was a little too "in the mix" try compressing it, or raise it up an octave. There is such a thing as too much bass.

You have good percussion but after listening through the whole song a few times...I don't think I like your choice of kick. My tastes tend to lean to more punchy kick. Yours is a reeverb-y, boom-y kind and i think you might have too much going on to use that sample.

Keep up the good work, im suprised your song doesnt clip, because of how much low end there is. Did you master this track or was is luck :P? Anyways good job, good track, keep on going.


Mrmilkcarton responds:

I over compressed the kick and bass on accident because I never got to listen to it without headphones. Being my headphones suck I over did it. I have found ways over the past few songs to remove clipping if there is any.

This song is best listened to with average headphones.

Good, a few things

I think some of your levels are wrong. The offbeat bass, for example, is a tad bit too loud. Your kick needs to be WAY more driving and loud also. Your piano doesnt sound too high quality, but that could be fixed with some FX and mastering. The synths are good but i can tell they are presets. Maybe not? If not then add some oompf too it. Also at 2:00 that gated synth is way too loud...ouch.

The good things though: I'm loving the progression and the melody. and the percussion is good. clarity is also good. grats on weekly top and overall nice job dude.


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